Home Workout vs. Gym…


Question: I don’t know if I want to join a gym and would like to know if a body weight routine at home can be productive. If I do go to a gym what would be a typical routine for working out three days?


Answer: You can get a serious workout at home with little or no equipment but the trade-off is sometimes motivation and boredom from repeating routines too frequently.

Find exercises that are challenging and set up a sequence. These are standard favorites: Reverse Crunches for 20, Pull-ups for 8-10 if you have a bar, Walking Lunges doing 10 on each leg, Elevated Push-ups for 10 and finish with Burpees for 10. Using just these exercises you can vary the sequence and change how challenging the routine is. Find variations of these exercises and change rep speed or rep count on them. Just find ways to keep the routine challenging.

If you do go to a gym, make a plan. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to walk in without a plan. You don’t have to have a list of exercises every time but do have a loose idea of two or three body parts you are training. Find exercises you like, some that you feel like your form is productive and work those. Most people who fail to make progress don’t have an idea of what they need to do and too often choose random machines for 30 minutes. Then they walk out and wonder why they see no progress.

To be productive on a three day routine on the first day train abs, chest, back and shoulders. Choose two ab exercises and do them in tandem. Pick three exercises each for chest, back and shoulders. Alternate chest and back exercises finishing with the three shoulder choices. For your second day train legs, biceps and triceps. Do four exercises for your legs covering one for calves, one for hamstrings, one big compound exercise like the leg press and finish with a lunge or leg extension. Do two exercises for biceps and two or three for triceps alternating between the two body parts. On the third day set up multiple-functional timed sequences. Pull-ups for 8-10 reps, cleans for 6-8 reps, bench press for 8-10 reps, squats for 8-10 reps and incline sit-ups for 15. Run the sequence for 20 to 30 minutes. This challenges your cardio conditioning as well as working your all of your muscles.

God bless and keep training,