Making Your Workouts Consistently Productive

Time cube

Time cube

Question: Why is it that some days I train so hard that I don’t realize where the time goes and other days after five minutes I’m ready to leave and realize I have 55 more minutes? How can I get more consistent good training days?

Answer: Your training time is after work. While it is true that some people are better working out in the later portion of the day than they would be in the morning, you must consider the work factor. The work done at most jobs is very demanding requiring concentration, and very often long periods sitting looking at computer monitors. The screens can over work human optics and along with the stress of deadlines, cooperating with coworkers and dealing with the public all can drain both your physical and mental energy.

All the stress and fatigue requires a routine to reboot while you change from worker to workout. Otherwise you’re carrying the same mental burdens into another arena which doesn’t allow you to optimize your time in the gym.

  • When you leave your workplace and enter your car, as you sit for a moment, take a deep breath and release the stress. Find some music that either motivates you to train or, at least, enables you to drop the workplace mentality.
  • Take another deep breath and begin to run through your next workout, like what body parts you’re training and what you want to accomplish there.
  • Have a plan as you enter the gym. Even if you have a trainer you should have an idea of what you’ll be doing and get mentally prepared to work. Remember this is where you can focus the frustrations and emotions you’ve moved to the side and release them physically. Mentally rehearse some of the exercises you know you’re doing. Proper mental rehearsal almost always ensures success.
  • Excel in the moment while you train. Disconnect from the noise ( this means your cell phones) and make your world very small. You can’t multi-task training.
  • Other factors affecting your training is to ensure you’re getting enough sleep, drinking water and consistent healthy nutrition. Energy drinks and preworkout formulas interrupt your natural cycles and falsifies the signals your body sends to address shortcomings in those areas.
  • Vince Lombardi and General Patton are both attributed with saying,” Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” You can over work your self mentally, physically and emotionally. Maintain healthy habits and foods.
  • Create your own preworkout routine and make more of your workouts into training sessions.

God bless and keep training,