Off-Season Training


Question: I finished football a couple of weeks ago, took a week off and haven’t trained since early August. It’s the longest I have gone without working out. How long should it take for me to get back to where I was? Should I follow the same routine I was using then?


Answer: Your off-season is the time to make improvements and build yourself into a better athlete. Use the information you accumulated about yourself and evaluations from your coaches to make improvements to areas that need work. Your core is always an area to build and once you have trained back to your preseason strength levels, begin to work on speed again. You won’t be able to march back in and start from where you left off.

During the first week train three to four days using a three-day split routine breaking down your training to cover chest and back on Day One. Hit Shoulders and Arms and Abs on Day Two. on Day Three it’s Legs but with emphasis on Hamstrings. Day Four is used to build explosive power and cardio through Functional Fitness Training. It’s 30 minutes of high-intensity training designed to push the limits of your mind, muscles and conditioning. Integrate heavy power exercises like Cleans and Deadlifts on your back day. Obviously, do Squats on Leg Day and explosive pressing overhead on Shoulder Day. Most of these exercises will be used again but with lighter weights on your FFT (Functional Fitness Training) day.

You’re in the middle of a growth period and your body is changing at an amazing rate so your training will have to reflect the changes you’re making. If, for instance, your begin to feel knee pain or an aching in your joints, it’s a sign you’re growing so lower the amount of weight you’re using and eliminate squatting or lunging for a couple of weeks.

Set goals before your go back in the gym and follow the training plan once you’re there. Have fun while you train but make progress and emerge next year as a new, improved player who is more athletic and explosive. Once you’re back you should return to your preseason training levels within three weeks.

God bless and keep training,