Returning to Training after Sickness


Question: What is the best way to return to training after you have been sick? My son had a serious stomach virus and really didn’t eat for three days. He still isn’t eating normally and says he is weak feeling. Baseball starts soon and he wants to be ready for high school tryouts.

Answer: Seems like the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak at this point. Consider all his body has been through during the time the virus was at its worst. His body expelled most of the available fluids in his digestive tract. Once all his fluids were out he still experienced the painful “dry heaves” which caused extreme muscle contractions in his back and torso. After the virus has run it’s course he was left dehydrated, weak with zero desire to put anything in his system. The harmful bacteria was gone but so were the helpful bacteria and fluids in the digestive tract. So for a day or so the only thing consumed was fluids like Gatorade and water and simple carbohydrates like crackers. Then hunger sets in a bit and soup is the usual next course with fluids and crackers. Finally, he felt like eating some real food.

There is not a rapid version of this scenario. Let him walk around because he has been lying around and just standing and walking is going to be challenging. Help him realize that feeling slightly lightheaded when he first gets up is normal. The next day put in one set of normal body weight exercises like push-ups, squats , reverse crunches and lunges. Then let him rest. Don’t be surprised if a nap follows those exercises. For the following three days it’s re-establishing motor movement skills, nerve firing patterns and simple mobility.

Don’t try anything too challenging for a week after the doctors feel the virus has gone. Be patient and feed the machine. He will be back to normal within plenty of time for baseball tryouts.

God bless and keep training,