Time Management for Workouts


Question: I’m spending way too much time in the gym and haven’t been able to complete my workouts. By too much, I mean over two hours. Do you have a shorter routine that won’t take as long to complete and is effective? I’m usually do five different exercises per large body part with three to four sets per exercise.

Answer: You don’t appear to need a shorter but a more effective training routine. You do need to address your time management skills and ability to focus on the task at hand. Bill Belichick’s instructions to his players on the sideline was classic in Super Bowl 49 and is advice you should heed while you’re ” training”, ” Do your job!”

While you’re in the gym you should have a plan, move with a purpose and avoid distractions. Television screens can be the most obvious distraction and most of the big box gyms have multiple viewing screens showing a variety of shows and although they are all muted, too often they can catch your attention and draw you in. People in the gym can be a distraction and while it is good to develop friendships in the gym, the people around you can engage in too much conversation derailing your training groove. Disconnecting from your phone is a good idea. Checking your phone, sending or receiving text messages and posting on social media sites is too common and a huge waste of time.

Additionally, spending time searching your playlist for your favorite song to fire yourself up before practically every set is a motivational issue and a subject for another article.

All these distractions can total up to a lot of wasted time which you don’t have to spare. Eliminate the time vacuums and wasted energy and you should be able to condense your training to 50-70 minutes in and out the door. With your current training routine.

God bless and keep training,