Training with a Broken Arm


Broken Arm
Question: I play volleyball and broke my arm this past weekend. In a couple of days, once the swelling reduces I’ll get a cast from my below my elbow down. Is it possible to train other body parts without adversely affected my arm or should I take a layoff until I’m out of the cast?

Answer: If your break doesn’t require surgery and you didn’t receive direct orders from your doctor requiring total rest then you can train other body parts. You should wait a week to ten days though once you get your cast on your arm. After that you can do abs as long as you don’t perform exercises that require you to grip or stabilize yourself with your arms.

This actually is a great time to focus on core and abs with exercises like the Bicycle Crunch, Incline Sit-ups and Lying Windshield Wipers.

To work hamstrings and glutes you can do Single Leg Hip Press, Leg Curls, Walking Lunges, Clams and Band Knee Drives.

You should be able to do most leg exercises sub as, Leg Press, Leg Extension and even Squats.

After your cast is removed and your doctor has cleared you to put stress on the repaired arm, you should get exercises from him to strengthen your arm or go to physical therapy to accelerate the process of restoring strength and movement. Until then, do the best you can to remained conditioned and use the time to work on improving the areas you can work.

God bless and keep training,