Weight Training for Young Golfers?


Weight Training for Young Golfers
Question: My son has shown a huge interest in golf and has been able to play par at one of the local golf courses. Other players who have seen him play recommend that he needs to get stronger. He is nine. Should he begin weight training?

Answer: No. For most kids nine is just a bit too young to begin weight training. It’s not that the weights would be dangerous or impede his growth, he simply needs to learn his body’s movements first.

If he continues to enjoy golf and wants to recognize his potential get him started with body weight exercises two days a week initially. That’s plenty.

Help him to understand that training and healthy food choices are a big part of making him the best golfer he can be. Integrate it into his golf routine so he can realize that his body is his ticket and taking care of it is essential to recognizing his potential.

  • For his training use three abdominal exercise: bent knee sit-ups, windshield wipers and reverse crunches. Do two sets of twenty reps for each exercise.
  • Next up are pull-ups. If he can’t do them then boost him up to the top position and have him hold himself up for a few seconds and lower himself slowly. Do three reps and two sets.
  • Push-ups follow for two sets of ten reps.
  • Single leg hips presses fire up the hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Do two sets of fifteen reps on each leg.
  • Full range squats sitting low enough for the center of the thigh to be parallel to the ground are great for leg strength. Fifteen to twenty reps for two sets are enough to start. Keep the heels flat on the floor and the toes should be pointed slightly out to fire the hip flexors.
  • Walking lunges are after the squats. Ten steps on each leg for two sets.
  • Finish with planks and side planks. Hold the position for twenty to thirty seconds on each for two sets each.
  • Always stretch, especially the hamstrings and legs after you train.
  • This basic routine should provide both the strength and flexibility for your young athlete no matter the sport.

God bless and keep training,