What is More Important Sleep or Training?


Question: What is more important sleep or training? I usually get five to six and a half hours of sleep a night. It’s hard to get more than that with practice and homework.

Answer: Both training and sleep ( recuperation), each stand as one of the five pillars of a healthy life along with nutrition, hydration and a positive mental attitude.  That being said, each holds equal importance in making physical progress and changing your body.

Training by definition is challenging the limits or even the perception of limits through a directional, progressive system. Training is not lifting weights or taking a jog for a couple of miles. Those are very good activities and are healthy to do, but neither is a physical or mental challenge. Training is challenging and redefines limits. While training is a necessary component of change, sleep is a necessary component for living beings.

Without sleep our bodies don’t heal properly, our minds don’t reboot, and our chemical/hormonal systems fail. Without enough sleep our brains don’t properly process information and decisions are impaired. Muscles don’t repair well. Our bodies are out of balance. While it is known that some people, one notable being Thomas Edison, don’t require the full eight hours, all of us require some. Eight hours is the norm for most people as recommended by the medical profession.

Without sleep training results are greatly interrupted. Without sleep growth does not occur no matter how hard you train. In growing children, adolescents and young adults without sleep, they don’t reach their full genetic potential. Considering that sleep is necessary for living, it could be concluded that it is more important than training.

God bless and keep training,