Working Out on the Road


On The Road Workouts
Question: My job has me traveling to another office for the next few weeks. I usually workout at lunch and had a pretty stable schedule to stay in shape. Now my whole fitness routine is shot. I get home too late and am worn out by the changes we are making at my job to want to workout. Any suggestions about how to avoid a total breakdown and lose everything I’ve worked towards?

Answer: Stop fighting the changes,accept the situation and determine what you have around you there. Be like the Marines: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. After the first two or three days when you’ve begun to see their scheduling and system of doing things, you can begin to return to a semblance of your old patterns.

If you usually prepared your food for lunch, find their break area to store and warm your food.

If they don’t have a gym nearby or one their facility get creative. Put on your workout gear and go for a run. If that isn’t feasible, use the stairs or hallway. ¬†Climb three flights of stairs. On the first landing do 20 squats. On the second do 15 push-ups. On the third do 50 bicycle crunches. Then head down the hallway doing lunges. Return back down the hall lunging, head down the stairs and repeat the cycle two more times. This may not be what you’re used to doing but it’s better than doing nothing at all.

God bless, get creative and keep training,