Finding and Keeping Motivation


Question: There is no motivation left in me to go to train, or run, or really feel like doing much anymore. Work is a grind, our kids are grown, and I feel like taking it easy. At the same time I don’t want to slide down the slippery slope and let my health go downhill. How do I get motivated again?

Answer: Motivation is fleeting. It is the spark that ignites the gasoline within your internal engine but it is only strong enough to start things. After that goals and discipline keep you on track.

  • Set big goals and multiple smaller goals you can accomplish along the way.
  • Start small. Get off the couch take a walk after dinner. Do this everyday for a week.
  • If you are a morning person, set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual and talk a walk before you begin your day.
  • Pack gym clothes and go train for 30 minutes after work before you go home. Being around other people who are training helps push you down the path for a while.

Whatever you can do to get you going make it part of your day. Pencil it in on your schedule and make this your foundation. Build on it by adding time, distance, more weight, exercises and intensity to your routine.

What ever you do make it challenging. Without challenges the workout quickly becomes mundane. You will never know your limits unless you are willing to keep testing them. We have a 61 year old golfer who is playing better than she has ever in her life because she challenges herself in the gym and channels new strength and confidence when she plays on the course.

When you decide there is no new world to conquer or nothing worth the effort anymore, sit in your rocker and wait for the afterlife. Your kids are out and making their own lives having dreams. You have more time to find new things or to rekindle things you let go because you needed to be a mom or dad. Don’t be part of the average world because right now, in the words of Pat Summitt,” Average Sucks!”

The challenges of the training and self-discipline will keep you coming back to train and making progress. Choose a goal like running a 5K, lose 10 pounds or melting inches off of your waistline and set a deadline.

It’s crucial to choose both a start and deadline. We generally tend to start strong but without change and challenge boredom can set in and erode both your progress and your desire. Get off the couch and keep moving forward.

God bless and keep training,