Goals are Achieved with Patience


Question: If you had one piece of advice for people working out what would it be?

Answer: Patience. Whether you are a forty year old struggling to lose weight or a sixteen year old kid pushing to get bigger, stronger and faster, be patient. Being patient does not mean waiting for things to happen. Patience is continuance. It is doing the actions needed to reach a goal when that goal is so far away it doesn’t seem attainable. At that point, you just have to believe in the process. It is believing in yourself in spite of the difficulty you encounter during the process.

Patience is required when you’re cooking every day so you can eat healthier foods. It is eating those foods that your body needs and uses when you feel like hitting the drive thru instead. It is drinking water instead of a soft drink while you are going through sugar withdrawals. It is training when you feel like going through the motions and pushing when you feel like coasting.

Feelings can be deceptive and they will tell you it’s not possible for you when the reality is you can. You may have to engage your willpower though.

Patience is needed in a workout when you are rushing through the exercises to move to the next one instead of accepting the challenge of the one you’re engaged in doing.

Patience is needed when you want to just release the weight during the negative part of a rep instead of lowering the weight and fighting it on the way down Make every rep count which makes every set count. Making every set count makes every exercise count which makes every workout productive.

Maintain sight of your ultimate goal and accept the small battles that lead to your success.

God bless and keep training,