How to Improve Baseball Performance (as well as Other Sports)


Daryl Laws Baseball
Baseball is done for the season but I was disappointed with how this season went for me. I feel like I can do a lot better. To be better next season I need to get stronger. What’s the best routine for that?

Answer: Your question is general in nature but it requires an answer that covers a variety of training issues. Make a brutally honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Look at your stats and evaluate the high points and low points. You should have at least made mental notes of your good performances and reviewed what made you better on those occasions. Did you get more sleep prior to your game? Did you maintain a better state of hydration? Were you more focused because you were calmer or were you agitated and did that make you better? Likewise, on those occasions that you weren’t having a good game, what was was going on prior to the game? What occurred to displace your focus?

That may seem like a great deal of detail for a sport, but if that sport is your passion and you want a collegiate and even a professional career, find what makes you better and repeat it.

Enjoy the details of preparation which can make the games even more enjoyable. A coach once said we want to go out and have fun playing this game… but isn’t it more fun when we win?!

Make a written list of your goals, no matter how lofty they may seem. Once we have those we break them down into smaller goals and map out exercises and mental preparation to prepare you both physically and mentally to be able to repeat excellence in your habits and training. It’s a big job but one you’re capable of doing if you break things down into manageable pieces.

Then we can map a training plan to address each of the areas you want to improve.

God bless and keep training,