Success is a Matter of Goal Setting and Not Stopping


Daryl Laws Body Unlimited Keep Moving
Question: I read your previous articles the past two weeks about surrounding yourself with positive people and mentally preparing yourself for success. I need specific help with goal setting. Should I set very high goals that I may or may not reach or something more attainable?

Answer: Always reach for the impossible. Impossible only means someone hasn’t done it yet or in your case, you haven’t done it yet.

Now once the goal is set, then the difficult part is to do the work necessary to reach it. When you’re out of breath, lungs and muscles burning and your heart feels like it may explode, is the time that you decide to keep moving forward or quit. At night when you’re usually enjoying some snack and now you’ve chosen to be healthier and eat according to what you’re body needs, becomes the time you choose a little discomfort or to keep moving forward.

Set your goals as lofty as you can dream. Have a plan outlining how to get there. Insert stepping stone goals in your plan that are attainable, each a little closer to your end goal. Immerse yourself in the process and keep moving forward. As you move along reaching stepping stone goals one hazard is complacency. Don’t let up until you finish and reach the desired end result. You can and will succeed if you simply keep moving forward.

God bless and keep training,