The Most Challenging Thing for a Personal Trainer?


Question: I have considered becoming a personal trainer. What is the most challenging part of being a trainer?

Answer: For what we do it’s the psychology. It’s the ability of finding the keys to the personality of the individual you’re training.

If you can get in their heads and convince them that they can reach their goals you’ve given them the keys to do anything – applying the lessons that create success in the gym by building a physique that they are proud to walk around in – they can apply those lessons of large end goal and small stepping stone goals to almost any area of their lives. From there they can develop their own form of self-discipline. Their success equals success for you in your business.

You should consider business courses and perhaps an entrepreneurial course as well. The ACSM or the NSCA are two of the most accepted and most thorough certifications You should consider a secondary certification in nutrition and be well versed in pharmacology, kinesiology, biology and physical therapy.

Understand the parameters of all the equipment available to you and how to work around physical limitations.

God bless and keep training,