Improving Your Golf Game with Weight Training


Question: I want to improve my golf game and I keep reading how most of the younger pro golfers are lifting weights. Other than helping you hit the ball further on fairway shots, how helpful is lifting weights to golf?

Answer: On the surface, your conclusion is exactly correct. Getting stronger can help your long game immensely. Getting beneath the surface you find other benefits of added strength. In lower level pro competitions, collegiate and high school, the players all are responsible for carrying their own clubs. Doing that for eighteen holes can wear you out halfway through the course which can affect your shots, both the long and short ones. The greater your grip strength, the more you control the face of the club you’re using. The immense torque of power swings placed a huge load on your back, hips and knees. A stronger core and stronger leg muscles would absorb that torque more effectively sparing your joints some wear and tear.

Use a trainer who understands the physical requirements for golf – you could hire one for a short period to learn how to streamline your workouts. The trainer should also understand how to improve your focus, improve flexibility and just as importantly, how to manage a competitive round.

Nutrition and hydration play a huge role in managing a competitive match. Learning how to deal with physical discomfort, burning muscles, and staying focused, completing the set, can translate to a better round of golf.

Nancy Cooper, one of our clients, has won three tournaments this year and at 62, is playing the best golf of her life after beating breast cancer, and the chemo and radiation that went along with it. More than that, the strength she built in the gym not only translates to the golf course but Into her lifestyle as well making her healthier than she was before the cancer.

So build a better body, build a better game and build a better life.

God bless and keep training,