Get Better Legs with Gnarly Leg Routine


Daryl Laws Squat

Question: I am looking for a nasty leg routine to compliment my heavy style of training. You’ve written previously for consistent growth to alternate “density/heavy” training and volume training. Does the mean decreasing the weight and just doing more reps? I just want better legs.

Answer: Typically with our training systems we use both density and volume training. Since your basic style is heavy and mass oriented then, for you, change to a volume workout every third leg training day.

Here is one we used last week and it’s challenging.

We always begin with hamstrings and calves. Not being familiar with your gym, some of the exercises listed will be generic instead of the specific ones we use at Body Unlimited.

Leg curls are your first exercise either lying or seated. Do four sets of 8-10 reps per set adding weight for the first three sets and doing a drop set on the last one. For the drop you decrease the weight by 25-30 % and perform another 8 reps.

After each set of curls do a set of calf raises. Your reps for these are 20, 15, 10, 10. Focus on the squeeze and getting high on the ball of the foot.

Now you have the first volume exercise. It’s a combination set, walking lunges/squats using a barbell. Do 5 lunges, stop and do 5 squats. You’ll need enough room to do at least ten lunges, turn around and return ten lunges. After each set of five lunges you do five squats. Each set requires a total of 20 lunges and 20 squats. You have three sets of these.

Your next exercise is the leg press. You begin with 15 reps. Your next two sets increase the weight and do ten reps each set. The final set is a double drop set that requires a spotter. You’ll do a heavy set of five reps, decrease the weight by four plates and do 7 reps. The last part of the drop set you decrease the weight by two plates and do 8 reps. There is zero to little rest between the drops as you decrease the weight.

Complete your training with two sets of eight reps on the stiff-leg dead lift. The key points here are to keep your back flat and stretch your hamstrings. Control the exercise, no quick reps here. You should feel this one entirely in your hamstrings not your lower back.

Stretch your legs after you finish.

God bless and keep training,