How to Get Shapely Legs…


Question: I really want to have more shapes to my legs. I tend to eat light and my legs are skinny. The workouts I have done are lightweight and higher reps. What do I need to change to get more shape? I don’t want big bulky muscles, either.

Answer: First, let go of the notion that you will get big, bulky muscles. As a woman, you don’t have the hormones necessary to build massive legs. Your workouts are typical as well for women; the lightweight, high-rep routines will slightly firm your muscles, but they won’t make a big change in how they look.

You need to use basic exercises like squats using a complete range of motion to engage your glutes and hip flexors at the bottom of the exercise. You need to begin with 10 reps per set for the first two sets and on the last two, increase the weight and do a set of 8 reps. For the last set, add a little more weight and do a set of 6 reps, decrease the weight by 25 percent and do another 6 reps.

When you do leg curls, keep the weight challenging enough to do 8 to 10 reps per set. When you drive the weight up, your hips will rise slightly off of the bench.  Before you lower the weight, push your hips down to make contact with the bench. You’ll feel your hamstrings engage more.

Romanian Deadlifts (RDL’s) or stiff-leg deadlifts will work your hamstrings and glutes.

Walking lunges with a PVC pipe held overhead will keep your torso inline to work your glutes more effectively.

Calf raises are a must and your focus is to drive up on the ball of your foot just behind your big toe and flex at the top of the movement. Calves can take a beating so do 15 uncomfortable reps for three sets.

You need protein to build muscle, so try to eat about 70 grams of it a day. Start working this way now and you should see the legs you want by summer.

God bless and keep training,