Mike Musselwhite Testimonial


I first met Daryl Laws about five and a half years ago. I had been working out on my own but the only result seemed to be a painful shoulder. An orthopedist did an MRI and told me my shoulder was not damaged but just inflamed. I decided what was needed was someone to help me workout who knew what they were doing. I started training with Daryl and within a few months my shoulder pain was almost gone. He knew how to pick exercises that didn’t hurt my shoulder while providing the stimulus for muscle development.

When I asked Daryl what I could do to keep me motivated once my shoulder was doing well, he suggested I think about competing. Daryl worked me hard and eight months later I did my first bodybuilding competition. I was hooked and have continued to work with him and compete every year since then. With his encouragement and training expertise I have twice won 1st place in the North Carolina Junior State Championship as a Masters 50+. Last year I was third in the NPC Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh as a Master 60+.

I cannot say enough about the part Daryl has played in my success. I have worked with several other personal trainers in the last five years and no one even comes close to his level of understanding of how to train the body to achieve incredible results. He has protected me from injury and shown me how to train while compensating for existing problems. With his guidance I have achieved at age 60 a body that I have dreamed of for a lifetime.

Thanks Daryl!!
Mike Musselwhite

Mike Musselwhite Mike Musselwhite Mike Musselwhite Mike Musselwhite