Time Challenged Running Workout…


Question: I have run a couple of marathons but I have a new job and simply don’t have the time to take long runs anymore. I usually have twenty to forty minutes three to four days a week. When I run now it’s just not productive physically or mentally. What would be the best use of the time I have?

Answer: While you may prefer the pace and peace of distance running, your new time constraints are an issue so you need new challenges.

You needed more strength training, so begin your workouts with varying abdominal exercises. Use these three variations:

  • Day 1 do 50 bicycle crunches alternating those with regular push-ups for 20 reps per set. Do three sets of each.
  • Day 2 do 20 crunches alternating those with Spider-man push-ups for 16 to 20 reps.
  • Day 3 comes later (see Day 3 below).


  • Day 1
    • For your runs since you’re using a track begin your first lap at a jog for 100 meters building up to a nice run during the next 100 meters and finish with a sprint for the final 200 meters.
    • Now begin at a recovery jog for 100 meters and return to a sprint for 200 meters.
    • A final 100 recovery and sprint the remaining 300 meters.
    • Now take time to recover for three to four minutes and repeat the sequence. You’re going to do two more sequences like that for day one.
  • Day 2
    • For day two it’s sprint 100/ walk 100. Sprint 200/walk 200. Sprint 300 walk 300. Sprint 400/walk 400. Sprint 500/walk 500, and finally sprint 600/walk 600. Now you have to repeat the sequence in reverse order 500,400,300,200 and 100.
    • Stretch after you finish each day.
  • Day 3 is your mixer.
    • After a modest warm-up run a 400 and then do 20 push-ups and 20 sit- ups. Repeat the 400 and combo until you complete six laps. Always stretch after your session is complete.

While those routines aren’t as challenging as preparing for a marathon they will provide something outside the norm that won’t get stale and boring very quickly.

God bless and keep training,