Exercsies After Shoulder Injury


Shoulder Surgery Recovery
Question: I recently completed rehab on my shoulder when I injured it in a fall. Nothing was torn, just a partial dislocation and general inflammation of the AC joint. I have returned to working out and can do most of the exercises I used to do with the exception of triceps Pressdowns and Skullcrushers. What are some other triceps exercises I could do that don’t bother my shoulder?

Answer: The reason those two exercises hurt is the slight inflammation you’re still experiencing in your AC joint. The Triceps Pressdowns force the humorous upwards into the joint further annoying the AC joint. On the Skullcrushers, your shoulders act as the stabilizing platform for your triceps to work and the humorous is again jammed into the AC joint. While the pain may be minimal, it’s still bothersome and continuing to use those exercises will continue to inflame the AC joint.

Try doing a parallel grip Dumbbell Press. Choose a relatively light weight for your first set of ten reps. On a flat bench lie down and set yourself up with the dumbbells over your chest and your palms facing each other. Keeping you elbows close to your torso, lower the weights and flex your biceps as you hit the bottom of the rep. This acts to help your triceps fire more effectively, then drive the dumbbells back to starting position. Do three to four sets of ten reps.

Another potential exercise is an isolation move, Dumbbell Triceps Overhead Extensions. Sitting on the end of a bench, lift one dumbbell directly overhead with your palm facing forwards. Lower the dumbbell so it is on the opposite side of your head and drive it back to a fully extended position. This exercise doesn’t require much weight because of the pre-stretch position of the triceps. Flex the triceps at the fully extended position to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise.

Continue to ice the area if tenderness persists and contact your medical professional.

God bless and keep training,