Getting More Shoulder Mobility for Tennis


Tennis Shoulder Mobility
Question: I need more shoulder mobility when I play tennis. It takes forever to get my joints loose and ” get the rust off”. Playing does it but it takes so long to reach that point that I would like a better routine to warm up. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: The “shoulder trifecta” would work nicely for you and would strengthen your shoulders as well. It involves one inexpensive, small piece if equipment. We use the small red band from

  • Take the band and put it under one foot. Grasp the band with both hands about 12 inches apart. While holding the band tightly, lift both arms up level with your forehead, keeping your elbows slightly bent. Lower your arms, then pull them apart and lift them to your sides. Again, keep your elbows slightly bent as you lift them to shoulder level.
  • Repeat the front and side lifts for ten reps on each exercise.
  • The third works your rear deltoid. Release the band from beneath your foot and hold the band about four to six inches from each end. Raise your arms until they are level with your shoulders and pull them apart until they are completely apart. Return them together in the front and repeat for ten reps.
  • Two or three sets of each of these three exercises does a great job of warming up your rotator cuff.

The red band can be purchased by contacting Randy at

Here’s a video showing how to do the “Shoulder Trifecta”

This warmup should make the transition into your game much smoother.

God bless and keep training,