When to Return to Training After Shoulder Surgery


Shoulder Surgery Recovery
Question: I am in the final two weeks of rehab on my shoulder after having surgery. Should I return to normal training except for shoulders?

Answer: That’s a question that is answered better by your PT. Give that person a call before you try to do anything with your previously injured shoulder.

You can train abdominals and legs but only if you’re careful not to perform exercises exercises that would place a load on or put your shoulder at risk.

For abs do Reverse Crunches, Lying Windshield Wipers and Incline Sit-ups. None of those exercises should engage your shoulder.

When exercising your legs you can do Single leg Hip Raises and Lying Leg Curls.

Clams and Knee Drives using resistance bands are safe as well.

The Leg Press would not require your shoulder to be engaged in the exercise.

Walking Lunges using a weighted vest would be easier for your shoulders.

What you don’t do is any exercise that would place a load or heavy resistance on or across the shoulders. Squats would not be a good idea at this point because of the weight on your back and the hand position to hold the bar opens the rotator cuffs while they are loaded. Many upper body exercises either load up the rotator cuff or open it placing it in a risky position.

Until you are fully released by your medical professionals avoid training with upper body exercises.

God bless and keep training safely,