Speed Training for Soccer


Question: I need to get faster and need to be able to run for longer periods of time to be ready for my senior soccer season. What would be the best way to do those two things?

Answer: Soccer can be deceptive because the sport does require a great deal of endurance and requires explosive speed at times, but there are also times of recovery when the ball is so far out of play that you do have time to recover.

Most colleges require players to be able to run two miles in twelve minutes or less and that does include keepers.

For your first day of running mark out a two mile course, go for a run and record your time to complete it. If you have a stop watch and are willing to out in the effort, mark every quarter mile and record your times at each quarter. That way you can see where you are faster and how much your speed drops and at what points.

If your coach requires a twelve minute 2-mile then each quarter needs to be an average of 1:30 per quarter. We mentioned those dead zones during which you will get down time and aren’t actually running. This is where interval training builds actual game speed. Since you have times that you’re not running but may be walking or even standing for a few seconds you can become more explosive in your movement towards the ball by working out with a program that requires all out sprinting, changing directions and a jogging recovery.

Train like the game is played. It’s easier if you have a partner who will use a whistle and time it for you.

Second Day of running:

  • Sprint for 15 seconds go to a jog for 5 seconds.
  • Change directions and sprint another 10 seconds then return to a jog for 30 seconds.
  • Do five of these and recover.
  • During your recovery you can signal for your training partner.
  • Add one sequence each week until you can complete 10 sequences.

For the third day of running use hills or stadium stairs for sprints.

  • Do the long run program on day one.
  • Day two is sprint intervals.
  • Day three is rest from running.
  • Day four is hills or stadium steps.
  • Day five returns to distance.
  • Then you have two days off.

Since you’re out of school, hit the weights three days a week to build core strength and explosiveness. Put in the time and intensity and you will be prepared for the next level of sports.

God bless and keep training,