Making Time to Workout and Train with a Busy Schedule


Daryl Laws Make Time to Workout Train
Question: I actually work next door to a gym but it’s difficult to find time within the day to go there and often by the end of the day I’m too tired to think about training or I have “third shift” and it’s time to take care of my kids and the family. I want to train but don’t see a way to get it in. Any suggestions?

Answer: Too often people harbor the misconception that in order to get results you need to allow thirty minutes to an hour to workout. While that certainly is a time frame that is conducive to getting results it is not the only way to realize change. Whether you work next to a gym or not make a willful decision to be more and do more. If you need to make a change, not want but need, then you will find a way. Here are some small ways to turn small steps into a long journey of success.

  • Take ten minutes to go in the gym or to simply walk around the building.
  • Even better, take ten minutes to walk up flights of stairs around to the return flights of stairs on the opposite side of your building in a big uphill/downhill circuit and repeat that as often as you can in those ten minutes.
  • You can slip in the gym and move to a treadmill, punch the timer for ten minutes and walk uphill. Once you’re finished walk back out and back to work. You’ll feel refreshed from the exercise and from getting a break from your routine.
  • If you can’t get away from your desk turn your chair around and do seated knee lifts for 30 to 50 reps or you can do glute squeezes.
  • The key is don’t just sit and be a victim of your circumstances. Think outside the cubicle and find a way.
  • If you can repeat those small ten minute workouts two or three times a day within a couple of weeks you’ll feel differently and perhaps be able to make a more concentrated effort to get in even more productive methods of working out.

Those small exercise breaks can make your day seem shorter and your work more productive. While it is difficult to get motivated and actually get up to do something physical your body and your mental well-being will thank you.

God bless and keep training,