2 Day a Week Training Routine


Question: I have limited time in the day right now and only a couple of days a week available to workout. Which exercises are the most productive for time and frequency issues? Should I do two full body routines a week or still split up body parts?

Answer: If you’re training only twice a week use two different full body routines instead of using a split routine which would hit a major body part only once in seven days. On the first day emphasize chest, back and shoulders. That means make it a density day for those and use volume training for legs, biceps and triceps. You should still be able to complete a routine in an hour and your arms get worked indirectly on other upper body exercises so you’ll be doing only one exercise each for biceps and triceps on both days.

  • On day one you’ll do a pull-ups/dips/ dumbbell bicycle crunch tri-set.
  • Barbell rows follow alternating with incline dumbbell press.
  • Finish chest and back with dead lifts and flat dumbbell flyes.
  • Move quickly to rear laterals combined with seated dumbbell shoulder press.
  • For legs do leg curls alternating with walking lunges.
  • Complete legs with the leg press in a combo that includes barbell curls and triceps pressdowns.


  • For the second day do low pulley rows in a combo with vertical bench press and windshield wipers for abdominals.
  • Next are pulldowns alternating with incline barbell press.
  • It’s the shorter day for upper body so you’re heading to dumbbell side laterals combined with dumbbell upright rows.
  • Legs begin with standing calf raises alternating with seated leg curls.
  • Follow those with squats for three working sets and front squats for two working sets.
  • Finish day two with an alternating dumbbell curl and barbell pullover press.

Don’t forget to stretch for a few minutes after each of these workouts to improve flexibility. When your schedule opens up enough to allow for more training days you can spilt up body parts again. Until then,use this format with varying rep schemes to stimulate growth.

God bless and keep training,