Best Workout Rep Count? Make Each Rep Count!


Workout Best Rep High or Low
Question: What is the best way to train: higher reps, 10,12 or 15 or lower reps like the 6 to 8 range? I am just trying to just get in better shape.

Answer: We use a combination system of rep ranges to maximize muscle growth if that’s your end goal. If simply ” getting in shape” is what you’re shooting for, it’s also the fastest way to do that.

Muscle is a metabolism booster. If you’re building muscle, you’re building an engine that consumes calories. If you’re a woman this in no way means you’re going to wake up with manly muscles. It just means you’re stronger and actually shapelier.

It doesn’t matter how many days a week you’re training, your first and second sessions for each body part use the the lower rep range from ten down to six reps per set. This means you’re adding more weight on each set.

On the third workout for a body part you’ll add reps and keep the weight more moderate. You may do this with super sets, railroads or drop sets. It’s not simply decrease the weight and do more reps. The muscles have to be stressed to the point of overload. That sets up growth potential. Notice that it’s growth potential because you have to rebuild the muscles with water, protein, healthy carbs( not highly processed carbs) and rest.

When you’re training pay attention to to each rep. It’s more important than the number of reps you do. To make each rep count you have to fire the muscle as you contract it and engage your brain and will. Flex the muscle at the point of peak contraction and during the negative phase of the rep continue to engage the muscle that you’re training through the full range of motion. Make each rep a complete rep. A set of fully engaged reps is far more productive than reaching a number of reps or a higher working weight. Whether it’s resistance training or cardio you can’t mindlessly perform your reps, sets or workouts and expect to see productive results.

God bless and keep training,