Clicking Sound in Shoulder


Question: Sometimes I hear a “clicking” sound when I do some shoulder exercises. Should I stop doing those exercises?

Answer: Most of the time if you hear noise in a joint during an exercise, especially shoulders, it’s time to evaluate and make some changes to what you are doing. Decrease the weight and the rep speed you are using for the particular exercise. Listen carefully to determine if you still hear the noise. If you do and the movement is not painful, you may continue with the exercise, but continue to use lighter weights.

Pay attention to how the shoulder feels the following day:
Do you feel an ache in the joint? If so, you should discontinue the exercise because you may be causing a tendon or ligament to become inflamed.

Is the “click” painful? If it is, then stop doing that exercise.

Use a variety of exercises in all your training to target your muscles from various angles and to prevent boredom with your workouts.

Distinguish between soreness and pain that is associated with muscle growth and pain that is causing injury. If the pain continues, seek medical help.
God bless and keep training.