Does My Son Need Prework Drinks and Protein After Workout?


Daryl Laws Body Building Supplements
Question: My high school age son uses a preworkout drink before training and protein every day after he works out. Is that safe for him to use? Also he trains every day for 90 minutes. Is that excessive?

Answer: Your son is highly motivated to train daily at home. Training for 90 minutes is a little longer than we usually recommend. If he were at a gym the probability would be that he is distracted or conversing with his friends. We compress weight training to about 40-45 minutes of intense training. When you include core work and warmups prior to the heavy portion of the workout and the stretching afterwards it tends to be 60-70 minutes total. While we train different body parts each day it’s a 4 day rollover scheme spread out for five days. You cover all body parts in four days and repeat a body part with a different training scheme on the fifth day. Wednesday and Sunday are recovery days. Your son may be doing more than necessary which isn’t dangerous but can be counter-productive.

Drinking protein after training is a good thing to do and we recommend it if you’re not going to have a protein-rich meal within 30-40 minutes after completing training. Protein supplements are concentrated food products. They are just easier to break down and utilize than eating a steak. They aren’t absolutely necessary but helpful.

I don’t recommend pre-workout supplements though. Some have been found to contain components that can be harmful to the user. If he is getting enough food, water and rest he shouldn’t feel the need to use a pre-workout drink. If those aren’t done properly or he is “over-training” ( exercising too frequently or intensely without enough time, sleep or food between workouts ) then that may be why he feels he needs them. It’s also likely they are used by friends who recommend them or he simply have fallen victim to the hype and advertising used by the manufacturers. Teenagers don’t need to use them. Drive and determination to excel can provide the same outcome.

God bless and keep training,

P.S. Congratulations to Michelle Wood for winning her latest power meet totaling 1000 pounds with a 225 pound bench press, 400 pound deadlift and 375 pound squat!!