Getting More Defined Arms and Shoulders


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Question: I want to be more defined in my arms and shoulders. What is the best way to do that without losing a lot of weight? I need to maintain my weight for football but I want to look better as well.

Answer: Getting defined, or ripped, is predominantly a weight loss, body fat loss process. The less subcutaneous fat, which is the fat you store between the epidermis, your layers of skin, and the muscles, the more evident the muscle becomes. So a fat loss program consisting of a healthy food source selection, continued overload weight training and moderate cardio will slowly erode the fat and reveal the muscle underneath.

One aspect of being more defined that is often overlooked is actually building more muscle. As muscles and muscle groups develop, they become more complete and take a more distinct shape. They become fuller and rounder which separates them from adjacent muscle groups. As in your case, you want more definition in your shoulders and triceps.

  • Clean up your food, drink more water, train with a purpose and do cardio.
  • Be specific and demanding of yourself especially when you work your triceps, biceps and shoulders.
  • On lateral movement for shoulders drive the weights up with good form but attempt to stop them at the top of the reps and control the drop as you lower the weight back to your hips.
  • On dumbbell shoulder presses drive the weights overhead and again control the negative portion of the rep.
  • When you train triceps with Triceps Pressdowns, keep your elbows perpendicular to the ground, push your reps down explosively, flex the muscle and control the return to the top of the rep.
  • Work the muscle instead of moving weight.
  • As those muscles grow larger they develop a more complete shape which opens separation between the muscles and it appears to be more defined when it is more developed.
  • Make your reps productive.

God bless and keep training,