Maximizing Training Results Requires Vision and Planning


Daryl Laws Lunges
Question: I tried your leg training routine last week and I couldn’t walk well for a week. Should I change my workout every week to maintain variety to keep shocking my muscles?

Answer: Changing your training for the sake of variety isn’t enough. While it does help and makes sense on the surface, simple exercise variety does not produce maximum results. While we do use a variable training plan, for instance with our Body Armor Training, the changes are planned and purposeful. The basis of the training plan is to build muscle and the majority of the workouts are heavier with low reps to build strength and dense muscle mass. The change up workouts are volume which means higher reps but that doesn’t mean decreasing the weight and just doing more reps. Each workout has a variable in it to challenge different muscle systems. The change may be as subtle as different hand or foot positioning. The overview of the training cycle may have two heavy / density workouts in a row but even they are different, each with a different purpose. The first density workout may end each set with the heaviest possible weight for three reps you can perform with good form. The following workout, which may repeat as a density workout, will use the heaviest weight established during the previous workout for three to four reps on the final set again but this time there is a rest or pause in the set, then repeat the same weight for another two to three reps followed by a drop set without a rest period for five to six more reps. Each stage of the final set is with a near maximum weight and performed beyond positive failure which means you’ll need a spotter.

With two density workouts behind you, the following workout for that body part, the objective changes to maximize the volume and challenge the lactic acid threshold of the muscles being worked. ┬áThese higher reps are often performed in super sets or a combination set in which different angles are used to attack the muscle. The workouts that are presented in magazines or online all utilize variety which is the spice of training. Without it your workouts become dull and boring. You get diminishing returns from your training efforts without change. Variety without an end purpose may spice your training up but it won’t get you to your end goal. Think beyond your next workout and look further towards the horizon to what you want to accomplish with long-term planning.

God bless and keep training,