Off Season Football Training and Goals


Question: I want to be the best I can be. I am willing to train seven days a week if necessary to get there. How many days a week do you recommend for getting ready for football in August?

Answer: Seven days is going to be a bit much for a young high school student. You’re more likely to burn out before the season gets here.

Take a more modest approach and plan for three to four days of weight training and also include two days of conditioning.

One of those days should be sprint intervals and the other should consist of a variety of exercises set up in a sequence and could include tire flips, push-ups done with your feet on the tire, sled drags and 40 yard sprints. Do that and try to complete four rounds in 20 minutes.

What is more important is your mental approach and if you truly want to be your best, a single-minded approach to business. What this means is in the back of your mind you are always considering how things will affect your training. This includes what you eat, when you eat, how much water you’re drinking, how much sleep you’re getting, how activities will affect your training and overall time management.

Collegiate athletes have to master these things and you may as well get started planning your activities now because that makes the transition into collegiate sports easier.

The point is if you want to maximize your potential, it requires making your training and all the accessory activities that go with it a priority.

God bless and keep training,